Stupid stuff

Acting alone at home, with friends who are also acting alone at home

This is what happens when you improvise scenes with famously funny friends, from separate locations on cellphones. Then the amazing Jason Fitzpatrick edits them and the equally amazing Linda Taylor (Whose Line) loans you her music.

Oscar Nuñez and his coctail

Mr. Poppin

Mr. Poppin will give you the 411 on what’s poppin and fun!

Mr. Poppin in a poppy field


The art of fighting FROM the knees down, using ONLY the knees down. With martial artist and stuntman, Jason Chu.

Jason Chu hits Gary's shins

Talkin' Deep With Your Throat

Ask for Gary - the man who teaches black people and white people how to talk deep with they throat.

Gary, Walker, and Geno

Make Show Binness Yo' Binness

Acting tips. You're welcome.

Gary giving advice